Sunday, 18 September 2011

Windows 8 Hands On

I have finally succeeded in installing Windows 8 on my MacBook, via VirtualBox. All it took was most of the day, and multiple installs, but what the hey, its done now! I have to admit, its a little sluggish, but as I said Im running it on VirtualBox, on top of Mac OS X Lion, on just an ickle White MacBook 6.2 with just 2GB of RAM, so I could only allocate 1GB to it anyway. I might actually create a Bootcamp partition and whip it on there. I will of course have to find an OS X disc to install outdated Windows drivers, but its all fun! :)
So what do I think of it? Well its OK. When you close down Metro, and hit the actual Desktop, it basically is Windows 7, but with a HORRIBLE task bar. It looks shite. Really hope thats just a rush job to get it out for the preview. 
Metro is OK. But mouse/touchpad use doesn't feel right. Really feels like it needs a touchscreen. But its not all bad. Looks nice, clean, and actually kinda stylish. 
I have only tried one Metro App so far, and that was Tweet@rama. Again, looks great, and seemed to work fine. Horrible lag, but thats again due to the lack of RAM most likely, not the actual app. 
So things are looking good for it in all honestly! :) But can't help feeling it could have just been a Metro patch for Windows 7. Hopefully either MS will add more to the actual OS, or at least discount it heavily on release. Mac OS X Lion was only £20, and what I have seen so far, I would say that Windows 8 is also only worth £20.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Why Windows 8 will fail

Saw this picture on, and had to laugh! Sadly it is actually true! Windows 95 was  a major jump from 3.1, but had a lot of faults, and really wasn't ready for release. Windows ME was just bollocks, plain and simple, and everyone knows about Vista! Hopefully MS will be able to break the chain, but its not looking good.

Friday, 16 September 2011

More iPhone 5 rumours

OK, so above is a picture of the Apple prototype N94 (on the left) which is supposed to be the iPhone 4S, and on the right is an artists impression of what the new iPhone 5 will look like, based on the new pictures that have come in of the new cases coming in from China.
I have to admit, Im loving the idea of the iPhone five. Sexy teardrop shape, ally back sans iPhone 2g, and a larger screen making the bezel smaller. Not sure about the long home button tho...I think I prefer the round one. There are rumours that the home button is going to have gestures and the like, but I have to ask myself why you would want them, especially when you have that lovely big screen in which to use gestures.
Sadly its not all good news, and their are reports that their the iPhone 5 will be late to be released, possibly not until early 2012 due to processing and manufacturing problems. which means the iPhone 4S will be the only new iPhone this year. But like I say, tis all rumours! 

Windows 8

So Microsoft's Windows 8 developer conference is now over and the world has seen alittle more of the OS that is suppose to be bringing Mobile, Tablet and Desktop computers together. Their vision is that have the phone in your pocket, the slate in your hand and the laptop in your bag all running the same software, able to run the same programs, so no matter what device you have to hand, you can do what you want. Well strictly that's not true, as the phone will be running the mouthful which is Microsoft Windows Phone Seven. But Windows 8 borrows heavily from this, so I'm classing it as the same thing, anyone that says otherwise, I don't care.
At the ipad's release alot of people complained about it running iOS instead of Mac OS X, and that it was basically an oversized iPod Touch. In away it is, but mostly it's not, but that's not the point. Microsoft are almost doing the reverse. Porting their mobile OS to the desktop market. Will it work? Not sure. Mobile devices have an update cycle of around 6 months. Bringing new features to old devices. Much like multi-tasking was updated for the iPad with iOS 4, and how my old HTC Desire went from having 800x600 video capture to having 720p recording with Android Froyo. But can you see Microsoft doing such for the home computer? Honestly I can't. Meaning that lovely new slate you brought will get left behind Android and iOS.
Also how can you have apps that work across the board flawlessly, when you have atleast two different input types? For example Angry Birds on a touch phone or tablet works great, but download it from the Mac App Store and use a track pad, and it's not quite so fluid, and just doesnt feel as good. The reverse for office software. Using spreadsheets is easy with a keyboard and mouse, but stabbing at the screen doesn't work for me I'm afraid with iCal. It's a very careful balance which if done incorrectly is going to ruin the user experience and maybe even go so far as to lose Microsoft some if it's customer base.
Also Microsoft is opening up the Metro UI, (the cool looking touch part which is basically Windows Phone 7/XBox interface,) to third parties, allowing them to customise it. Which is a little scary. For one, I don't want to have my Windows Box boot and be covered in stupid Dell or HP stickers all over the interface. And secondly, if developers can do it, it will only be a matter of time before hackers can, and then you will see stupid virus's coming along, changing your wallpaper for nude pictures, or adverts for penis enlargement. Not the kind thing you want to see when the vicar comes round for tea, and you decide to show him your holiday snaps on your shiny new tablet.
To be honest I can see the pro's, but I think their are many more cons then pro's. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will prove me wrong, and it will be great and everyone will love it, and no one will ever install Linux on a Dell again. Or maybe not....

Monday, 12 September 2011

iOS 5 Gold Master

OK, so news has leaked out this afternoon that iOS Goldmaster will be shipped to Apple's assembling partners within the time frame of 23rd of September to the 30th of September. Taking account the need of time to actually install the software on already made devices, this would put the release date around mid October. So hopefully, in around 4 weeks time. Good news indeed!
Also the same leak suggests that there will be no "iPhone 5", but just an "iPhone 4S" which would mean that there would be no updates in the looks department, just in the hardware itself, making a 4S just a faster 4. I.E it would use the A5 chip like the iPad, maybe have a larger camera, etc, etc. Not so good news. But it also suggests that the iPhone 4, AND the iPhone 3GS would be continued to be made and sold. Pricing would probably be something like £520 for the 4S, £420 for the 4, and at a guess, sending the 3GS back down to £350. Thats not too bad, but I still think that a 3GS at £200 would blow the rubbish Android phones out of the water, and making the 4 priced at £350 would be better, as the tech in it is now a year old. Perhaps Apple will surprise everyone at drop the prices dramatically, you never know, but then thats hardly likely from a company who's entry level laptop comes in at £850 and entry level desktop comes in at  £530, (thats the mini, not the iMac.) But I suppose we can always dream....... 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

iPhone 5...Or iPhone 4S, take your pick.

So any day now, Apple is likely to announce their either iPhone or iPod event. More then likely it will be combination of both and I would like to think not only will they reveal the new iPhone, or iPhones, but also update their iPod range.
There are a million rumours floating around the interweb at the moment about what the next iPhone will be like. Below are a few things I would like to see in it;

A larger screen - It would look so good to have an edge to edge screen, plus the current iPhone has a ratio more like 4:3 then 16:9. Retina screens look amazing, making them larger would make so much more sense!

Thinner and with a form factor more like the iPad 2 - I like the look of the iPhone 4, the glass back is great. But with the problems with the antenna they had at launch, basing the design on the beautiful iPad 2 would make sense.

Mini USB Port - The EU are making it mandatory to have a mini USB charging port on all phones, could this be the iPhone to have one? Imagine the hacks that could be had if they ditch the 30 pin connector!

Cheap IPhone - Or iPhone nano if you will! Be it a cheap iPhone 4 (or iPhone 4S as it maybe) weighing in at around £200 contract free would be an amazing way to try at catch up Android in a user base kinda way. Let's face it, most Android phones are cheap and nasty. Having a lower tier iPhone would be a big draw for most people.

Well that's just some of the things that will happen, but my track record is poor. I would imagine the cheap iPhone will just turn out to be a 3G iPod Touch. Not really sold on that. But am looking forward to iOS 5, as long as the jailbreak is unteathered! Dam you 06.15 baseband!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we will find out in a few weeks!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Full OS X and Facetime on 1st Gen iPad

OK, well, not quite! It is technically my iPad running Splashtop Remote and basically mirroring my MacBook Display. But it does give me full control from my iPad, and is quite handy. Means I can watch .avi files on my ipad without messing around in iTunes, and also means full flash is supported, and also Facebook chat, straight in the web browser. Not sure you would find Facetime handy, as you have to use the MacBook cam, so if your close enough to use the cam, surely its easier to use the MacBook...that aside, its actually a useful program, and you guys should really use it. Works in Windows too, not sure about Linux.