Thursday, 10 March 2011

XBMC Apple TV 2 madness

Well I gave up. Apple didn't announce apps for the Apple TV, so I jailbroke mine. I have to be honest, Im so glad i did! I love my Apple TV but having to recode all my video's in order to watch them was stupid. And so is having to have another device on to stream from. So I installed XBMC, and now I can watch all my .avi and .mkv files direct from my NAS. I can even watch BBC iPlayer, and live TV via TVCatchUp. Come on Apple sort it out! Why couldnt I do these out of the box. If a group of hackers with limited resourses can get the best out of this box, including 1080p, think what you guys could do with all that money. Also stop giving the Americans everything. Us Brits dont even have TV Show rentals. Stick Sky Player on there!

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