Sunday, 27 February 2011

Apple TV 2

It's my birthday on Tuesday, yay me, and my wife game me £100 to spend to get my birthday present. Now £100 isn't a lot of money really for someone as obsessed with gadgets as myself. So I narrowed it down to 3 choices. Nintendo DSi, Kinect for the Xbox 360 or Apple TV. If you read the post title I would imagine you guessed that I brought the Apple TV.
I have been impressed with it since Steve Jobs announced it last year so I decided that would be the correct purchase for me. Now I'm at a cross roads tho. Do I, or don't I jailbreak it.
Without jailbreaking it, it is basically a box I can rent iTunes movies on. But I have a sneaky idea that Apple will announce an app store for it soon, maybe even on Wednesday. What makes me think this? For a start ATV has 8GB of storage, yet doesn't store anything. Yes it needs a little space for iOS and for buffering the stream you are watching or listening too, but not 8GB. Also apps have started for it already. Jailbreak it and you can install weather widgets, xbmc, and plex. I can't see Apple sitting by the side while they could be making money from selling apps for the device.
Therefore I think I will wait till Wednesday and see what happens, then maybe jailbreak it on the Thursday....

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