Sunday, 18 September 2011

Windows 8 Hands On

I have finally succeeded in installing Windows 8 on my MacBook, via VirtualBox. All it took was most of the day, and multiple installs, but what the hey, its done now! I have to admit, its a little sluggish, but as I said Im running it on VirtualBox, on top of Mac OS X Lion, on just an ickle White MacBook 6.2 with just 2GB of RAM, so I could only allocate 1GB to it anyway. I might actually create a Bootcamp partition and whip it on there. I will of course have to find an OS X disc to install outdated Windows drivers, but its all fun! :)
So what do I think of it? Well its OK. When you close down Metro, and hit the actual Desktop, it basically is Windows 7, but with a HORRIBLE task bar. It looks shite. Really hope thats just a rush job to get it out for the preview. 
Metro is OK. But mouse/touchpad use doesn't feel right. Really feels like it needs a touchscreen. But its not all bad. Looks nice, clean, and actually kinda stylish. 
I have only tried one Metro App so far, and that was Tweet@rama. Again, looks great, and seemed to work fine. Horrible lag, but thats again due to the lack of RAM most likely, not the actual app. 
So things are looking good for it in all honestly! :) But can't help feeling it could have just been a Metro patch for Windows 7. Hopefully either MS will add more to the actual OS, or at least discount it heavily on release. Mac OS X Lion was only £20, and what I have seen so far, I would say that Windows 8 is also only worth £20.

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