Sunday, 11 September 2011

iPhone 5...Or iPhone 4S, take your pick.

So any day now, Apple is likely to announce their either iPhone or iPod event. More then likely it will be combination of both and I would like to think not only will they reveal the new iPhone, or iPhones, but also update their iPod range.
There are a million rumours floating around the interweb at the moment about what the next iPhone will be like. Below are a few things I would like to see in it;

A larger screen - It would look so good to have an edge to edge screen, plus the current iPhone has a ratio more like 4:3 then 16:9. Retina screens look amazing, making them larger would make so much more sense!

Thinner and with a form factor more like the iPad 2 - I like the look of the iPhone 4, the glass back is great. But with the problems with the antenna they had at launch, basing the design on the beautiful iPad 2 would make sense.

Mini USB Port - The EU are making it mandatory to have a mini USB charging port on all phones, could this be the iPhone to have one? Imagine the hacks that could be had if they ditch the 30 pin connector!

Cheap IPhone - Or iPhone nano if you will! Be it a cheap iPhone 4 (or iPhone 4S as it maybe) weighing in at around £200 contract free would be an amazing way to try at catch up Android in a user base kinda way. Let's face it, most Android phones are cheap and nasty. Having a lower tier iPhone would be a big draw for most people.

Well that's just some of the things that will happen, but my track record is poor. I would imagine the cheap iPhone will just turn out to be a 3G iPod Touch. Not really sold on that. But am looking forward to iOS 5, as long as the jailbreak is unteathered! Dam you 06.15 baseband!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we will find out in a few weeks!

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