Monday, 12 September 2011

iOS 5 Gold Master

OK, so news has leaked out this afternoon that iOS Goldmaster will be shipped to Apple's assembling partners within the time frame of 23rd of September to the 30th of September. Taking account the need of time to actually install the software on already made devices, this would put the release date around mid October. So hopefully, in around 4 weeks time. Good news indeed!
Also the same leak suggests that there will be no "iPhone 5", but just an "iPhone 4S" which would mean that there would be no updates in the looks department, just in the hardware itself, making a 4S just a faster 4. I.E it would use the A5 chip like the iPad, maybe have a larger camera, etc, etc. Not so good news. But it also suggests that the iPhone 4, AND the iPhone 3GS would be continued to be made and sold. Pricing would probably be something like £520 for the 4S, £420 for the 4, and at a guess, sending the 3GS back down to £350. Thats not too bad, but I still think that a 3GS at £200 would blow the rubbish Android phones out of the water, and making the 4 priced at £350 would be better, as the tech in it is now a year old. Perhaps Apple will surprise everyone at drop the prices dramatically, you never know, but then thats hardly likely from a company who's entry level laptop comes in at £850 and entry level desktop comes in at  £530, (thats the mini, not the iMac.) But I suppose we can always dream....... 

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