Friday, 16 September 2011

More iPhone 5 rumours

OK, so above is a picture of the Apple prototype N94 (on the left) which is supposed to be the iPhone 4S, and on the right is an artists impression of what the new iPhone 5 will look like, based on the new pictures that have come in of the new cases coming in from China.
I have to admit, Im loving the idea of the iPhone five. Sexy teardrop shape, ally back sans iPhone 2g, and a larger screen making the bezel smaller. Not sure about the long home button tho...I think I prefer the round one. There are rumours that the home button is going to have gestures and the like, but I have to ask myself why you would want them, especially when you have that lovely big screen in which to use gestures.
Sadly its not all good news, and their are reports that their the iPhone 5 will be late to be released, possibly not until early 2012 due to processing and manufacturing problems. which means the iPhone 4S will be the only new iPhone this year. But like I say, tis all rumours! 

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